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Col Elliott Hits The Road For Australian Tour In 2014 Celebrating Re-Release Of Col-Fessions
Double Cd & New Book In Between The Laughter

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Col ElliottOne of Australia’s favourite sons, Col Elliott, is hitting the road for a mammoth Australian tour throughout 2014. Promoting both the recent re-release of the double CD set COL-FESSIONS, and the new release of his book In Between The Laughter, Col is doing what he does best – telling his side of the story. He has been a household name on the comedy circuit for almost four decades.

For Col, everything he does, hears and sees in everyday life provides fodder for his humorous stories. For the first time ever, he recently sat down to etch these stories into the history books, and the result is his memoir In Between the Laughter which is due for release in the next couple of weeks. Col admits it was actually his wife who made him put pen to paper. “She constantly listened to the stories and told me to get them down before I was too old to remember,” he says. “It was a very cathartic experience.”

From joining the navy at 16, sent to Vietnam at 17, Col’s life has been a varied and interesting one. There are highs and lows, however, all told with this entertainer’s down-to-earth style. He says the experiences throughout his life have helped shape who he has become and how his meagre beginnings led to a life in showbiz.

“As I wrote, more and more stories came to mind,” he explains. “I had to make sure my time frame was right, but I loved the process of it all. I remember reading Billy Thorpe’s book – it was huge. As I wrote mine I became more aware that I couldn’t get it ALL down. It became a memoir rather than an autobiography, the difference being the memoir told stories from my life rather than my total life story. Maybe there will be more to come, I certainly have more stories!”
Just because he’s written some of these memories down doesn’t mean that Col is going to change his ever-popular live shows. The shows are always off-the-cuff, with this comedic genius constantly sourcing inspiration from everyday life – and the quirkier angle of current affairs. “Comedy to me is a work in progress,” he says. “There is always new material spliced with classics, but my shows often change from night to night. I am not politically correct and I know that is a bonus in my type of show. No one is sacred, but I take the mick out of myself more than anyone… except our pollies! Politicians are like chimpanzees – the higher they climb, the more you see of their less attractive parts!”

The release of the COL-FESSIONS double CD is really an extension of Col’s live shows. The two-hour album features some of the most popular Col Elliott stories to date – and that’s almost 40 years of stories that Col has had to sift through. It’s certainly a credit to this entertainer that he just keeps getting better (and funnier) as the years go on, but Col is the first to admit that is all about keeping your feet on the ground and enjoying the ride. As he quotes in his forthcoming book – ‘even when you’re getting your a** kicked, you’re still technically in front’.

“I love to watch people laugh,” he says. “When they tell you after a show how good it made them feel, it keeps you inspired. I believe in Australia that you need to be diverse and be able to give value for money, as you should in all walks of life. It’s always appreciated. My comedy is for the average Aussie, but I’m lucky to have a broad demographic that has built over the years. You must keep delivering, but comedy to people is like music. We all have our favourite artists that we listen to and follow – it’s the same with comedy. People are loyal. I love what I do.”

When it comes to touring the world though, Col’s favourite place to be is back on home ground in Australia. “Aussies make me feel that we are mates when I’m performing to them. It’s not an act, it’s me sharing with them. Aussies are the best audiences in the world. I have been all over this country – I mean, I go places where they still vote for Menzies! But no matter where I am, I feel at home. No other country can do that for me.”

Don’t miss Col Elliott as he brings his show to a town near you. Tickets are on sale now. Col’s memoir In Between the Laughter is out now.

Friday 4th July 2014
Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club, WONTHAGGI VIC
Bookings: (03) 5672 1082 |

Saturday 5th July 2014
Bookings: (03) 5152 3928 |

Sunday 6th July 2014
Marina Hotel, LOCH SPORT VIC
Bookings: (03) 5146 0666

Thursday 10th July 2014
Bookings: (02) 6653 1577 |

Friday 11th July 2014
Bookings: (02) 6686 2544 |

Saturday 12th July 2014
Grafton District Services Club, GRAFTON NSW
Bookings: (02) 6643 2985 |

Saturday 2nd August 2014
Sleepy Lagoon Hotel, TIN CAN BAY QLD
Bookings: (07) 5486 4124

Thursday 7th August 2014
Temora Ex-Services Memorial Club, TEMORA NSW
Bookings: (02) 6977 4177 | 

Saturday 9th August 2014
Commercial Club, ALBURY NSW
Bookings: (02) 6057 2000 |

Friday 22nd August 2014
Kempsey-Macleay RSL Club, KEMPSEY NSW
Bookings: (02) 6560 1111 |

Saturday 23rd August 2014
Bookings: (02) 4363 0199 |

Sunday 24th August 2014
Bookings: (02) 9888 7588 |

Friday 10th October 2014
Helensvale Cultural Centre, HELENSVALE QLD

Saturday 11th October 2014
Robina Community Centre, ROBINA QLD

Thursday 20th November 2014
Orange Ex-Services Club, ORANGE NSW
Bookings: (02) 6362 2666 |

Friday 21st November 2014
Club Mudgee, MUDGEE NSW
Bookings: (02) 6372 1922 |

Saturday 22nd November 2014
Forbes Services Club, FORBES NSW
Bookings: (02) 6852 1488 |

Thursday 27th November 2014
Bookings: (03) 5881 1455 |

Friday 28th November 2014
Bookings: (02) 6030 5000 |

*** more tour dates to be announced in the coming weeks

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