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Grace Knight Announces Special Intimate Melbourne Show Featuring Her Incredible Jazz Back-Catalogue

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Grace KnightWhen it comes to picking the voices that have carved out the Australian music scene over the years, Grace Knight is certainly one of the first names to come to mind. From fronting pop darlings Eurogliders to her well-established jazz career, Grace is one of those versatile performers who can turn her vocals to any style effortlessly.  As her most recent (and 13th) album Keep Cool Fool attests, Grace Knight just keeps getting better and better.

As we kick into the second half of 2014, Grace is out on the road with the Eurogliders. In between the ongoing tour, Grace is taking a moment to bring her music back ‘home’ for a special solo show at Bennetts Lane. “Living in Victoria has given me the opportunity to perform here more often,” she says. “I love that a new audience has opened up to me. The Victorian audiences know their music and are very generous. There are also heaps of very cool venues that I hadn’t performed at before moving here.”

In fact, moving to Victoria has opened up more doors than just performance venues. The recording of Keep Cool Fool embraced the Melbourne music scene and featured all local musicians. Grace is the first to admit that if she hadn’t moved to Victoria, then the finished album would have probably been completely different. “Keep Cool Fool is a collection of songs that evoke the vibe of a 1950’s jazz club – cigarette smoke, cocktails, bullet bras, red lips, bouffant hair and really groovy laid-back music,” she says. “We had so much fun recording this album, it was impossible not to capture that vibe. Fun is not an easy thing to record, but somehow we managed it. I am so lucky to be able to work with such a talented group of musicians, but to work with genuinely nice people was a bonus. We enjoy making music together and enjoy each other’s company… and we get paid for it!”

Fun is going to be the operative word for Grace’s upcoming show. In fact, audiences are in for a definite treat as Grace brings together the band who performed on Keep Cool Fool. “I’ll be performing with a three-piece – guitar, double bass and drums – and this configuration is quite new for me,” she says. “I’ll be singing songs from my previous albums Stormy Weather, Gracious & Willow through to my latest release Keep Cool Fool. The venues I’m playing are all very intimate, which I love because I get such a great connection with the audience.”

Grace Knight started her career singing in folk clubs in the UK and ‘sang’ her way over to Australia on the Women’s Weekly World Cruise. It was when she settled in Perth that she found her groove, forming Eurogliders with Bernie Lynch. The band enjoyed considerable success in Australia and overseas with hits such as Heaven (Must Be There). As the end of the Eurogliders drew near, Grace found herself a new home as one of Australia’s ladies of Jazz when she appeared in the ABC television series Come In Spinner and recorded an even more successful soundtrack. Following the incredible success of the Come in Spinner album, Grace went on to record several other hit jazz records such as Stormy Weather, Gracious and Live to name a few.

Tickets are on sale now for this very special home town show.

Saturday 9th August 2014
Bennetts Lane, MELBOURNE VIC

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