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Country Dynamo Jess Holland Releases 2nd Single From Her Current Album Revolving Door At Radio On July 18

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Jess HollandCountry dynamo Jess Holland has released the second single Revolving Door from her hugely popular second long player Whole Lot to Say and it’s the perfect representation of this powerhouse vocalist’s musical direction. The powerful new single illuminates another dimension to her song writing and continues her development as country force to be reckoned with. Revolving Door resonated with Jess from the moment she wrote it while in the midst of a heavy touring schedule. It speaks metaphorically about the monotonous and often repetitive existence of human life, and shows Holland’s capability of stepping out of her normally energetic country skin.

“Everyone has to step out of their comfort zone at some stage, but for me it has been a few things,” Jess says. “Performing initially I struggled being comfortable enough to let the audience in to know the real me, and I still have to put myself in check and make sure my nerves don’t get the better of me. But I think sometimes, we can all push ourselves to the limit, but it’s how you handle it that counts.”

Jess had designs on releasing Revolving Door as the second single the moment Whole Lot to Say was finished. This was partly due to the obvious differences between the track and that of the first single Fine Lines, which demonstrates the impressive variety on the album. “Once I released the album itself, I received a lot of feedback on this track in particular,” she says. “I wanted people to be able to hear it and enjoy it as much as I did – not just have it as another song from the album, but featured.”

There are some potent moments throughout Revolving Door. Jess Holland’s anguished vocals speak of the desire many of us have of transcending our current routine or life. Or, as she croons on the track I stare into the mirror, all I need is a different face, nothing to remind me I’m stuck here at this pace.

I wrote the track late in 2013 - at a time when on the road a lot back and forth, and each day seemed to roll into another,” Jess explains. “The first idea that came to mind was like a revolving door, so I built on this. It was actually written firstly on my piano, but tended to suit the guitar better. Once I played it on the guitar, the main riff came out and it seemed to fit well.”

Helping to create the hazy disposition of the song was the collaboration with fiddle player Sue Carson. Jess wanted the instrumentation choices to reflect the dimmer feel and lyrics of the tune. “Both Rob Long and I sat down and brainstormed with what instruments to incorporate, and we both immediately agreed fiddle,” she says. “Sue depicted this beautifully, and it really is the feature of the track, as it’s really the only solo instrument. We used both the acoustic guitar and banjo to keep the main little riff that you hear at the beginning throughout the song. There is a lot of light and shade in this as well which really works.”

The Revolving Door single is testament of the experience Holland has gained as a song writer, performer and recording artist over the past two years. It showcases her evolution as a musician and her ability to write songs that directly relate to people. “Me personally, I generally haven’t written in quite a metaphorical way before,” she says. “I like to write in a pretty black and white way, but Revolving Door is definitely less black and white and steps into the grey areas.”

Jess Holland’s new single Revolving Door is released to radio on Friday 18th July 2014. Her debut album Whole Lot to Say is out now.

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