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Kevin Bloody Wilson
Hits The Road For More Shows Around Australia
The First Of The Final Farewell Tours – Perhaps… 2014 Dates

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Kevin Bloody Wilson

Aussie comedian Kevin Bloody Wilson is one of few funny-men who totally embody the spirit of Australian humour. He’s revered as an iconic Aussie around the globe and there would be few proud Australians who don’t know the words to his popular songs. He’s performed around the world, from outback pubs to the hallowed halls of the London Palladium, and now he’s on the road again with his First of the Final Farewell Tours – Perhaps. Kevin kicked off the tour at the end of 2013, playing to packed houses in Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Darwin. Now he continues his special, tongue-in-cheek tour to a swag more venues throughout August.

Fans needn’t worry that Kevin is calling it quits though, he’s just out to set a record, contending against some well-known musicians for the ‘most comebacks’ title. “I see everyone doing their final concerts, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon,” he explains. “I’ll probably get three or four years out of this and then I’ll start doing my comebacks.”

He’s also bringing a swag of new material with him on the road. The new album, aptly titled Wrong Wrong Wrong, was released at the end of 2013 and is a perfect representation of Kevin’s enigmatic style. While he’ll be running some of the new material by audiences, Kevin will still be performing all his fan favourites, like D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F, Dick’taphone, I Knew the Bride (When She Used to be a Mole) and Living Next Door to Alan, (plus many more songs, which can’t be mentioned in this press release as their expletives will get blocked by email firewalls.)

As for the shows themselves, Kevin says audiences can expect anything to happen. “There will be lots of full frontal nudity from me,” he jokes. “The show revolves on its own axis, I never know night from night what is going in the show. A lot of ad-lib goes in, it depends what is happening in the world between now and then.”

There could even be an additional song or two penned before he hits the road depending on what inspires him over the next couple of months. “My inspiration comes from walking around with my eyes and ears open, there is no formula to it,” he says. “I guess I have a talent of being able to see the funny side of situations. Originally when I started doing it, it was just for my mates, I had no idea it would one day take off and I’d still be doing it 30 years later. It’s awesome.”

Kevin Bloody Wilson’s story is one of legend. Always a larrikin, he originally recorded songs on a cassette tape for his mates, penned about his experiences working in the mines in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. In the early 1980s, he put together a tape called Your Average Australian Yobbo and started selling it – sales went into the tens of thousands before it was transferred to LP (where it sold even more). It was just the start of his career and he has never looked back. Fast forward three decades and Kevin is a household name throughout Australia and the world. It’s interesting to know that 30 years ago he was getting arrested for performing his politically incorrect songs in public. Times have changed though and it was only three years ago (in 2010) that Kevin was deservedly nominated for Australian of the Year. As one of the country’s most prolific performers, and a genuinely nice, down-to-earth bloke to boot, it’s not surprising he has earned the reputation as one of our country’s greatest living treasures.

With many of his songs pushing the boundaries, Kevin Bloody Wilson has earned his place in the entertainment industry without a lot of mainstream media support. His record sales are now nudging the four million mark. All of his CDs and DVDs have achieved gold status globally, with many reaching platinum. In fact one album, Kev’s Back, hit quadruple platinum. His recordings can be found all over the world, from outback Australia to Canada. His music has also been preserved for generations to come in the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra. He has sold out shows around the world and is constantly earning new fans, who are envious of his DILLIGAF attitude.

Kevin is the first to admit how much he loves touring Australia. “I’m pretty lucky,” he says. “I hate to use the world ‘blessed’ because it has religious undertones, but I get to travel the world with my best friend in the world – my wife Betty – and my daughter Jenny Talia (from Australia). It all started here – it all started in the bush. The bush will always be home to me.” And Australia will always call Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson their own…

Don’t miss Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson as he hits the road with his First of the Final Farewell Tours – Perhaps, with special guest Jenny Talia from Australia.

Kevin Bloody Wilson

Tuesday 12th August 2014 | 8pm
York on Lilydale, LILYDALE VIC
Cnr York & Swansea Roads, Lilydale VIC
(03) 9736 4000 |

Wednesday 13th August 2014 | 8pm
Shoppingtown Hotel, DONCASTER VIC
13-21 Williamsons Road, Doncaster VIC
(03) 9848 6811 |

Thursday 14th August 2014 | 8pm
Commercial Hotel, SOUTH MORANG VIC
Cnr Plenty & Georges Roads, South Morang VIC
(03) 9407 1082 |

Friday 15th August 2014 | 8pm
570 Olive Street, Albury NSW
(02) 6041 2222

Saturday 16th August 2014 | 8pm
72 End Street, Deniliquin NSW
(03) 5881 1455

Sunday 17th August 2014 | 7.30pm
Tabcorp Park, MELTON VIC
2 Ferris Road, Melton VIC
(03) 8746 0600

Tuesday 19th August 2014 | 8pm
Hallam Hotel, HALLAM VIC
Cnr Hallam Road & Princes Highway, Hallam VIC
(03) 9703 1148 |

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