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Sister trio Dozzi release new powerhouse single
Single Weakness at radio on Thursday 11th September 2014

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Dozzi Weakness

Brisbane’s musical juggernaut Dozzi are back with the release of their new single Weakness. The trio are riding a wave of momentum on the back of their hugely successful I Need You Tonight which peaked at #1 on the Hot Country Network All Australian Top 20 and the Cool Country 2KA charts, along with entering the CMC Top 50. The sister trio - Andrea, Jesse & Nina - are rapidly earning a name for themselves for their breathtaking three part harmonies and their latest single just goes further to show their versatility.

Weakness is already a favourite at their live shows and showcases - it’s a high energy track set to be a country rock smash. “It was really the fans that picked our new single,” says Jesse. “We've always loved the song from the day we wrote it, but it wasn't until we started playing it live that it really stood out. We always get requests to play the song at our live shows so when it came time to choose the new single, it had to be Weakness.”

The track was written in Nashville by Jesse, Jen Bostic and Chaise Flanders and is a fun take on the role of the ‘bad boy’. “We had been discussing some cool titles during our song writing trip to Nashville and the song idea called ‘He's My Weakness’ was really strong,” says Jesse. “The song came together really quickly. It's about that bad boy, the type of guy you know you shouldn't be involved with but you can't help being drawn to him... someone your mother wouldn't want you to date.”

Originally written on acoustic guitar and keyboard, it quickly dawned on the trio that the production of the track could be massive. The finished product is a radio gem that will have music fans singing along at full voice. “We laid the track down in Nashville with some very talented session musicians and are really happy with the rock feel that came through in the end,” says Jesse. “For the recording we had to think about whose voice would suit what part the best and because we all love the song and knew it was strong, we took this very seriously. When we got behind the mic the parts felt right so we’re very happy with the end result.”

Dozzi have been honing their skills around the Southern Queensland music scene since they were young. Harking from a heavily musical family, it was always a natural direction for the three to take the next step into a professional music career. They’ve already been dubbed as an infusion of country superstars The Dixie Chicks and Alanis Morissette by industry heavy weights. Dozzi’s style really is too hard to pigeonhole and each new musical offering shows another side of their abilit8ies. They’ve quickly gathered a large fan base owing to their catchy melodies and high energy, charismatic performances. It’s been an action packed period for the trio which is set to continue with the release of this single and their upcoming national tour. Last year the sisters were crowned Australian Country Music People’s Choice Award for Best Video (for the track Love Away The Bad Days) and have also been invited to perform the national anthem at numerous events.

The girls are now currently working on the video clip for Weakness, which Jesse said showcases the band’s ‘crazy side!’’ “We have decided to do a live clip for this song,” she says. “We want to show everyone different sides of our personalities, and what better way to do that then with a live clip. It's filled with a heap of our live performances as well as a lot of behind the scenes footage too.” Stay tuned for the clip in the coming weeks.

Dozzi’s new single Weakness is at radio on Thursday 11th September 2014.

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