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Melbourne musician Dylan Meyer
announces U.S. release of debut EP
When it’s quiet released internationally on Monday 22nd September 2014

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Dylan MeyerMelbourne musician Dylan Meyer is gearing up for the international release of his debut EP When It’s Quiet this September. The pop-influenced songwriter initially released his EP to local audiences in 2012, culminating in a sold-out Melbourne launch. After spending the past 12-months in the USA forging relationships with producers and record executives, he is ready to release the EP to the international market.  

In September last year, Dylan made the decision to head overseas, something that has been incredible fortuitous for the self-funded musician. He has since started working with renowned Los Angeles producer and executive David Kershenbaun (A&M, RCA, Capitol and Elektra Records) and recognised A&R executive Judy Stakee (Warner/Chappell) on his next EP.

“It was just one of those things I knew I had to do,” says Dylan of the choice to spend some time in the US. “I really want to be where the industry is, meet other writers and musicians - play where my heroes play… So I packed my bags, sold my car, bought a plane ticket and took a leap of faith.”

That leap of faith has certainly paid off and has seen Dylan write music for the hit series The Horizon. “It was great fun,” he said of the process. “I love writing for TV, film and other artists because it really allows you to flex your creative muscles. In this case, I had met the creator a while back through another project I was working on at the time. We stayed in touch and when it came time to do music for this season, they asked me to write a song and I delivered a track I hoped they would like… and they did! So I believe it’s going to be out in about a month.”

The relationships Dylan has also built since being the US has helped him make the decisions on the next step for his career. He met David (Kershenbaun) when someone sent him tracks of the When It’s Quiet EP. “He was travelling at the time, but really liked them,” says Dylan. “So he emailed me and we caught up when he returned. We talked about my career and what I want to do, and then I played him a few songs I was working on which he absolutely loved. Things just took off from there.”

The decision to re-release When It’s Quiet internationally is the first step forward. The EP was originally only released in Australia and the interest in it has been constantly building in the US. “The support I’ve received in the States is so great,” Dylan says. “When the idea was put forward to me that I should release it over here, I did it without a seconds hesitation.”

Despite the burgeoning success in the US, Dylan is quick to point out that he wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for the support of Australian audiences. He was first catapulted into the spotlight when someone submitted one of his songs to a radio Christmas special without his knowledge. He was then contacted by a promoter asking if he would be interested in being featured in an acoustic showcase. It was there he met local producer Sam Pancetta (Kylie Minogue, Kisschasey, Crowded House) and signed to Melodic Music.

“Australian fans are always super positive and encouraging and were really instrumental in getting my music heard,” he says. “The great thing about musicians in Australia is that everyone is always pushing each other to do better, and without them pushing me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Following the international release of When It’s Quiet, Dylan is working on a follow-up EP, due out in 2015. He is also continuing to write for television, film and other artists. Keep an eye – and an ear – out, it’s evident Dylan Meyer is going to be the name on everyone’s lips in the not too distant future.

When It’s Quiet is available for pre-orders on iTunes from September 9. The EP is released internationally on Monday 22nd September 2014. For more information, please visit

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