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Brothers Angels And Demons – The story behind the Brewster Brothers

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The Brewster Brothers

The Good Bits, The Bad Bits And Everything In Between
Adelaide Show Featuring Two Generations Of Brewsters On Stage

There are few stories in the Australian music industry more interesting and diverse than that of Rick and John Brewster, the founding musicians and major songwriters behind rock legends The Angels. Now, the Brewster brothers are getting ready to do something a little different and spend an evening with audiences where they’ll share the good bits, the bad bits and everything in between in this unique show Brothers, Angels and Demons.

Having performed this unforgettable show as part of Adelaide Cabaret Festival a few years back, the brothers earned incredible acclaim and now the time is right to share with audiences the other side of two of the most successful and influential songwriters Australia has ever seen. Brothers, Angels and Demons are hitting the road! This special show also features two generations of Brewsters, with John’s sons – Sam Brewster [bass], Tom Brewster [drums] and Harry Brewster [guitar] – joining Rick and John onstage for this special trip through music history. As inductees to the AMC-SA [Adelaide Music Collective] Music Hall of Fame, John and Rick Brewster are no strangers to the South Australian music community and this upcoming performance of Brothers, Angels and Demons is guaranteed to be special.

The Brewster Brothers grew up with an appreciation of completely different genres of music from Bob Dylan to the true classical aficionados, which eventually led to them gigging around Adelaide as The Moonshine Jug and String Band. They rapidly earned themselves appreciation from their musical peers (who would soon turn out to be become fellow band members) and nods of approval from the industry itself. This fast fowarded their blues-oriented covers shows into hard rockin’ gigs in some of the toughest pubs in Australia, first as The Keystone Angels… and then just The Angels, which took them into the reputed Alberts’ studios to lay down their debut record thanks to a recommendation from another set of legendary brothers, the Youngs.

Now, four decades on and celebrating The Angels’ 40th Anniversary, two brothers who were once worlds apart in music are sitting back to reflect on their love of piano and acoustic guitar, and discuss their songwriting process and how two typical Aussie blokes from Adelaide helped create some of the biggest and most memorable songs in the history of the Australian music industry. This special show Brothers, Angels and Demons takes audiences on a wild ride from the start of The Angels, the Brewster brothers memories of recording in the legendary Alberts’ Studio 1, King Street, sometimes standing in line while AC/DC recorded one of their classic tracks, of things that happen on tour (and of course, some stories of which will always stay on tour) and the highs and lows of what is unquestionably one of the country’s most beloved rock bands.

Audiences will join the Brewster Brothers for a flashback journey through their four musical decades together. They’ll strap on the washboard and banjo to reveal their musical partnership beginnings with The Moonshine Jug & String Band, perform some of their  most famous hit songs from The Angels and will bring you safely back to the present with songs from The Brewster Brothers. They’ll expertly demonstrate why they’re considered among the country’s best songwriters and musicians, and it will rapidly become evident why the Brewster Brothers are so highly revered by their peers. Their talent, humbleness and complete and utter respect of their craft stands them apart.

Expect Australian rock secrets and stories from the road shared for the very first time outside of the backstage band room. This show has been described as Thunder, Lightning and Rock n Roll, and it’s certainly an apt description. This is one of those ‘on the edge of your seats’ shows that will have you mesmerised from the first opening chord and until the final encore. Brothers, Angels and Demons explores every facet of the Brewster Brothers lives and their near death misses. It sees them poised between life and death, hinged in a frozen moment when the small plane carrying them to a remote Northern Territory gig goes down in a cacophony of thunder and lightning… this plus the many flashbacks of their careers, their times on stage as The Angels, the appropriate and sometimes inappropriate actions of being on the road, the excitement of a soaring career and memories earned by a longevity of reaching into the hearts of Australian music fans.

This special show Brothers, Angels and Demons is all about Rick and John Brewster, the behind-the-scenes experiences of The Angels, their adventures in Australian rock combined with an unforgettable evening of live music… And what makes this show even more special, is that is it 100% a family affair – a family who have earned their stripes together and are now sharing unforgettable experiences onstage in this extraordinary performance. Sam, Tom and Harry were brought up on the Brewster Brothers music, learned to play practicing The Angels hit songs and are all now consummate musicians in their own right. Appearing on stage with their father and uncle is a special experience, not only for the family, but for the audience as well. An evening in the company of the Brewsters in Brothers, Angels and Demons will certainly be memorable.

I loved the ‘Brothers, Angels & Demons’ show. It is a truly remarkable piece of art that everyone, Angels fan or not, will love. A great informative and often humorous journey delivered in a most unique and dynamic fashion. A must see… – Kate Ceberano [Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2012]

Brewster Brothers

What an extraordinary piece of Australian rock and roll history as told by the Brewster brothers, two of the key players in the story and what great musicians they are! – Douglas Gautier [Adelaide Festival Centre CEO]

There has been a change of date and venue for the Brothers, Angels & Demons Adelaide show, originally planned for 13 December 2014. New show details as below:-

Friday 30th January 2015
The Promethean, ADELAIDE SA

This is show is proudly supported by the AMC and the AMC-SA Music Hall of Fame.

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