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The Doors Show – Absolutely Live perform for the first time ever at The Gov in Adelaide –
recreating the magic of the psychedelic 60s

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The Doors Show – Absolutely Live

When it comes to music that truly shaped a generation, it doesn’t get more important or influential than that of The Doors. While music fans may never get a chance to see this enigmatic band live in the flesh again, they can revel in the next best thing, a concert experience by Australia’s beloved The Doors Show – Absolutely Live. Revered for their extraordinary performances, and lead singer Tony Dee’s uncanny resemblance to the late Jim Morrison, The Doors Show – Absolutely Live takes audiences on a journey of unbidden music passion. Now, for one night only the show is gearing up to ‘set the night on fire’ at The Gov in Adelaide as they bring out The Doors’ biggest hits later this month.

Lead singer Tony Dee, who embodies the spirit of the Lizard King, says the band’s one-off South Australian show will be a trip down memory lane. “If you’re curious about what made Jim Morrison and The Doors living legends, come along to the show at The Gov,” he says. “The Gov becomes ‘Morrison Hotel’ and no one gets out of here alive! The band are fully aware that the fans in South Australia are second to none. We are excited to play at The Gov for the first time. Let the ceremony begin!”

In keeping with The Doors’ tradition, audiences are encouraged to expect the unexpected. “Come with an open mind and be immersed in the essence of psychedelic entertainment with the transformation of The Gov as they know it, to the Whisky A-Go-Go from yesteryear 1969,” says Tony. “We authentically recreate The Doors’ legend performing with all the power and conviction required to take them back to a time when a band didn’t just play live, they produced a major event.”

The Doors Show – Absolutely Live formed in 1992 and have been going strong ever since. The five founding members found themselves at a musical quandary, deciding that there was not enough representation of classic rock on the live music scene and that someone needed to do something about it. Enter The Doors Show – Absolutely Live, a project that is 100 per cent devoted to the music and talents of The Doors ensemble. The five members – Tony Dee [vocals], Brett Wolfenden [drums], Markus Kellow [keys], Richard Clarke [guitar] & Storm Pedersen [bass] – pay homage the best way they know how to one of the biggest bands on the planet.

For Tony, it all stemmed in the music and the fact that The Doors’ songs are timeless. “The legacy of Jim Morrison and The Doors will carry forever,” he says. “It is heartening to see today, school age children falling in love with The Doors music just the way we did back in the 1960s. Our fans’ demographic is wide-stretched and together they stand before us, in appreciation of our live recreation of a 1960s Doors’ concert. The Doors and the songs of The Doors are powerful metaphors for freedom of expression.”

The Doors smashed onto the music scene in 1967 and it was never the same again. Known for their genre-blending style, their songs were uncompromising and provocative. With tracks like Light My Fire, Back Door Man, Break On Through (to the Other Side), Love Me Two Times, When The Music’s Over, Peace Frog, Touch Me and Roadhouse Blues to name a few, their indelible imprint on popular culture is undeniable. The band released six studio albums prior to Jim Morrison’s passing in 1971. They were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in the 1990s and their name is synonymous with the 1960s music scene.

Recreating such influential music, especially in keeping the authenticity is a heady responsibility, and something The Doors Show – Absolutely Live take very seriously. “Before each show our band gathers in the green room to lubricate our talents with a nip of Jack Daniels, Tennessee Whisky,” says Tony. “At this moment we channel our energy together as though it’s the first time we’re going on stage. Our passion is brought to the forefront so the moment we step on that stage, the arena becomes our theatre. We set the night on fire.”

Friday 26th June 2015 | 7.30pm

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