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Woody’s World – The Good Morning Show –
Delighting children and adults alike across
the September school holidays – Melbourne Fringe Show
Saturday 19th September – Sunday 27th September 2015

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Woody’s World – The Good Morning

Enter the enchanting space that is Woody’s World these school holidays. Woody’s World is a place where alley cats sing and dance, mice invite you in for a cup of tea and farm animals gather together for a bush dance. The shows celebrate all the things that are good in life – family, friends, nature and adventure. Children and adults alike will be delighted by fabulous songs, captivating stories and puppets as this special children’s show comes to the Wonderland Fun Park and Wonderland Spiegeltent during the September school holidays for nine morning shows.

The Woody’s World show is a special one and features a host of interesting guests, with Woody at the helm. Woody – named after one of his parents’ folk heroes Woody Guthrie – was brought up in a musical family, so it is no surprise to find that he has passed on that music gene to his own children. In fact, Woody’s children also join him as part of his show. All multi-instrumentalists, they are an important part of the family atmosphere that is at the heart of Woody’s World.

Growing up, Woody has fond memories of touring to outback communities and schools with his family while they performed. “I was pretty shy in those days and it wasn’t until running school camps around South Eastern Australia and teaching in the class room that I honed my skills,” he says. “I kept coming back to music in all the activities I did with children. Having my own kids, I am conscious about playing and sharing music as one of the great pleasures in life. So we are always playing and singing - you always have to take a guitar off the couch if you want to sit down! Growing up with music and sharing with my family and school children has led to an inevitable career as a songwriter, performer and children’s entertainer. The stars have all aligned and I feel like one of the fortunate few who have found their path in life - it only took me 35 years to arrive here!”

Woody wanted to create good songs for children, ones that would also appeal to parents and his background in teaching has certainly helped refine his musical niche. “As a teacher, you are really performing a lot of the time,” he says. “Through body language, facial expressions, gesture and vocal tone you are communicating with your audience. You also become highly tuned to reading your audiences, their mood, interest, level of distraction… An important aspect of my work as a songwriter for children is imagination. Children have a rich, unspoilt imagination and I use that all the time. I create imagery in my songs, I tell stories when I sing. I love to watch a young audience sitting quietly and listening. When a song grabs their imagination I know I am doing my job well, that feeds my artistry and my soul.”

The Woody’s World show at the Wonderland Fun Park and Wonderland Spiegeltent will not only feature special guest appearances by this children, but also an incredible life-like puppet – Hercules The Alley Cat, who is assisted by reverted puppeteer Dave Splatt (a finalist in Australia’s Got Talent in 2009). Jazz pianist Hue Blanes – who recorded an arranged Woody’s album – will also be providing additional musical accompaniment. 

Woody’s debut album release – Woody’s World Good Morning Kids, which will be available at this September shows – was a family affair, featuring three generations, Woody, his parents and his children. “It is a very special album, close to my heart, a bit like my baby,” he says. “With a long gestation period of many years – conceiving, writing, recording and producing – it captures experiences right back from my childhood, teaching days, and lots of adventures around the country. My Dad wrote some songs on the album, so did my kids. My youngest daughter was in Grade One at the time and we composed several songs together in our weekly jam sessions. All my kids are on the album too. Most of it was recorded in our home in the Yarra Valley, which became our temporary recording studio.”

Don’t miss Woody’s World – an escape from the everyday and a special experience for all ages.

Melbourne Fringe Festival

Saturday 19th September – Sunday 27th September 2015
Wonderland Spiegeltent, DOCKLANDS VIC
Show only $15 | Show & Rides Pass $35 | Kids Combo $50 |
Show & Melbourne Star $25 (child) $35 (adults)

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