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Canadian songstress Ann Vriend returns to Australia with a fresh new single, plus a showcase at Bigsound

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Ann Vriend

Single A Need So Wide (You’re The One) at radio now

The latest single from Canadian songstress Ann Vriend – A Need So Wide (You’re The One) – comes as the enigmatic performer returns to Australia for a special showcase at the BIGSOUND music industry conference in September. The single was hand-picked based on the response the track always generates from Australian fans and features a quirky clip that is guaranteed to enamour Ann’s already burgeoning fan base. A Need So Wide (You’re The One) is the follow-up single to the recently released track You Can Have Me from Ann’s highly acclaimed album For The People In The Mean Time. The jaunty track is another impressive offering from this incredible musician that will continue to cement her as a soulful force on the international scene.

A Need So Wide (You’re The One) was penned early in Ann’s career when she was working on her music part-time and moonlighting as a waitress. “I worked the lunch shift,” says Ann. “I was always so exhausted because I was working two jobs plus gigging and trying to get somewhere with my career, so it was really hard to have any kind of upbeat attitude when I was there.  The whole scene just depressed the hell out of me, it didn't help that it was the dead of winter in Edmonton so it was cold, grey and ugly outside. One day while I was waiting for my shift to start, I sat at the staff table and wrote the chorus lyrics to A Need So Wide. In contrast to this daily grind life I was living and seeing around me, I was actually in a really great relationship with this awesomely supportive guy, and that was kind of my only really bright light in my life at that time. I was looking forward to the reward of coming home and just being around something and someone positive and affirming.” 

A Need So Wide (You’re The One) was also the song that acted as a pivotal turning point in the direction Ann took in her career in that it was the catalyst to which producer she chose to work with on for her album. “I was shopping around to find the right producer and I had been recommended all these different fairly well-known Canadian producers, but none of them had made any albums that even remotely had the retro soul sound I wanted,” says Ann. “An Edmonton musician – incidentally the one the song is about – suggested I try Tino (Zolfo). We got together one Sunday afternoon and I brought in A Need So Wide as a vehicle to ‘try each other out.' I just sat down in front of a mic and he hooked up his crappy keyboard to a Wurly patch on his computer and I played and sang the song as a scratch keyboard and vocal. Then Tino added looped beats and played bass to it, and I quickly sung some background vocal harmonies, and basically we did the whole thing that afternoon, as you hear it now.”

So, A Need So Wide (You’re The One) was the first track that Ann and Tino Zolfo worked on together. The finishing touches were put on the track in the lead-up to recording the album For The People In The Mean Time and it found a perfect home on the long player. Considering the back story of writing A Need So Wide (You’re The One) it is apt the quirky clip for the single features the songstress working in a diner. It depicts Ann and her ‘partner’ working the daily grind, but coming home happy to see each other. She intentionally went for a retro feel with the clip as well to tie it all together.

“We used my actual house for the house scene, including the Hammond organ,” she says. “The party scene is shot in this recording studio in Edmonton owned by this guy who very seriously collects vintage '70s everything -- I mean every item in his house, down to the telephone, the dishes and the toaster, is vintage '70s, not just the instruments. It was the perfect place to have the shoot.  Plus there's a little cameo by the drummer in my band, Peter Hendrickson.”

Returning to Australia in September, Ann is embarking on a small run of shows to coincide with the single release. No stranger to Australian shores herself this will be the first time that the songstress has brought her full band out for a tour. “I've been to Australia 10 times already, but it will be fun seeing the country through their eyes this time around,” she says. “Will they like vegemite? Will they know what sunnies are? Will I tell them? We've toured a lot together the past year and a half in support of my album and so I'm really excited about what we bring to the table for our live show, which no one in Australia has seen yet. I hope that our arrangements and the calibre of their playing really brings the same excitement to Australian audiences as it has in Canada and Europe.”

Ann Vriend’s single A Need So Wide (You’re The One) is at radio now. Ann & her band perform a special showcase at BIGSOUND in Brisbane in September. For more information, please visit



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