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Canadian Songstress Ann Vriend
releases a retro-inspired single and
limited edition LPs to coincide with Australian tour

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Ann Vriend - Those RecordsNew single Those Records released to radio
on Friday 19th February 2016

The retro-flavoured Those Records single by Canadian soul songstress Ann Vriend is an aptly titled release to coincide with her next Australian tour. Due for release to radio in February, the single, which is lifted from her recent long-player For The People In The Mean Time, brings the talented musician full circle as she not only returns down under, but also brings with her a limited edition vinyl release of her album. Those Records embodies everything that makes Ann Vriend a unique talent and its themes embody the old-school vibe she has become renowned for.

When it came to picking the next single for release in Australia, Those Records seemed to stand on its own. “This Aussie tour is all about my album being released in vinyl format,” says Ann. “So, a song about vinyl seemed like the obvious choice to go along with that. Plus, I think it’s one of the catchiest tunes on the album. It is about how music reminds you of things, and how it brings back a flood of memories when you hear a song from a period in your life. In the song, I am singing about how I’m completely over a relationship and doing fine, except when Those Records come on that remind me of the time when we were together.  So the lyrics are in contrast to the music, which is super upbeat, a disco funk groove.”

Ann Vriend’s music contains many musical references to old soul, so it isn’t surprising that For The People In The Mean Time translates so well into vinyl. “The production style and samples on the album are partly a throwback to the late 60s and early 70s era of soul and funk on labels like Stax and Motown,” says Ann. “I was hoping it would sound really good to put my album onto a vinyl format since it was already retro sounding. I’m a huge fan and collector of vinyl and I love how much warmer and more alive analog sound is than digital. To have my own album in my vinyl collection alongside some of my heroes feels pretty cool.”

Ann didn’t just organise the standard edition vinyl of the album either, she is also bringing a very limited number of coloured vinyl copies of For The People In The Mean Time. Pressed at the only vinyl plant in Canada, the songstress got hands-on involved in the process, touring the plant and thus coming up with an idea for how to make unique limited edition color vinyl, in addition to the normal black vinyl. Like all limited editions, when the coloured versions sell-out, no additional ones will be manufactured – they are designed solely as collector items and are selling well.

In addition, the single – Those Records – which was recently released in Canada and Europe, has already received rave reviews from audiences, especially at Ann’s live shows. “I’m super proud of the rendition we do of it as a band,” she says. “We get a whole breakdown and extended version going on and we get the crowd involved singing along. We usually do it as our last song, so by then everyone is dancing and having a good time. We’ve played it live before in Australia as well, and so far Aussies seem to love it, too. Whether people have songs in vinyl or not, I think everyone has some songs in their lives that trigger memories and emotions.”

In keeping the continuity with the album and that progressive retro feeling, Ann reworked the song in the recording process to get the right sound. Originally penned with a different chord progression and an early Motown sound, she simplified the instrumentation in the studio with her long-time producer and collaborator Tino Zolfo and gave it a funk-disco feeling. They also added a kicker bassline, something that instantly captivated Ann and worked exceptionally well with her original vocal guide.

“The song is really all about the bassline now,” says Ann. “In the end, Tino ended up being a co-writer on the music of the song. The drums are actually just drum loops he had on his computer, with the hi-hats EQ’ed so that they almost sound like a sword being drawn out of a sheath. The rest is Tino’s programming.  He wanted the song to, in his words, ‘sound like a wet city street at night after the rain,’ so he put in some sparkly sounding chimes in places, too. In the breakdown there’s a tiny little cameo of Tino singing along, and we kept the original background vocals I arranged for the initial version of the song, which still brings in that early Motown throwback.”

Ann Vriend’s single Those Records is released to radio on Friday 19th February 2016. Ann Vriend and her band tour Australia throughout March 2016. For more information, please visit    



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