Australian Legend Brian Cadd Returns To The Stage For National Tour Of Retro Rock N Roll Celebrating 50 Years In Music & A Dynamic New Release


Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Brian Cadd will take to the stage for a historic Melbourne performance celebrating 50 incredible years in the music industry and a new album release – Bulletproof. Bringing his legendary Bootleg Family Band along for the ride, the Palms at Crown show in November is set to encapsulate the sound that launched Brian’s solo career – pure 1970s pure rock ‘n’ roll.

Audiences will also know Brian from his acclaimed hits Ginger Man, Let Go, and Little Ray of Sunshine, along with his work in classic rock bands Axiom and The Groop. As an international songwriter, Brian has penned hits for acclaimed artists such as Joe Cocker, John Farnham, Ringo Starr and The Pointer Sisters. As an ARIA Hall of Fame member and an inductee to the Australian Songwriters Hall of Fame, Brian has enjoyed a long and varied career, but this tour is all about his return to the original sound that inspired him. “Deep down where I live, it’s all rock ‘n’ roll,” says Brian.

The new album, Bulletproof – slated for release on November 11 – is a salute to the full-on rock shows Brian Cadd and The Bootleg Family Band were famous for in the 1970s. The group created a reputation for energetic, intense and rollicking performances on stage. The recording of the new LP Bulletproof at Doug Brady’s Furstock studios was always destined to capture this original magic with a united live studio band sound, ultimately creating a cohesive and explosive rock n roll album. The idea first began in 2013, which was the 40th anniversary of the original act, but by the time the band had finished recording the release date for the album fitted closer to Brian’s 50th anniversary in the music industry – as good a time as any to release an album called BULLETPROOF.

“It was mostly about getting back together with the actual Bootleg Family Band again,” says Brian on the decision to reunite, record and tour. “We decided to go into the studio for a few days and see what happened. The original vibe returned almost immediately and it was just like 40 years ago, Coxy still telling the same jokes he told back in 1973. It was funny and lovely.”

There was never any question that when this album was released, Brian Cadd and The Bootleg Family Band would hit the road again. Bulletproof was designed to be performed with the fiery intensity and passion of a full live band featuring vocals, keys, drums, guitars and female backing vocals bringing the robust album sound to life for this tour. The Melbourne show at Crown will be the official live launch for this musical gem – and an unforgettable night indeed.
For those diehard fans of Brian’s music, he assures audiences there is something to encompass all his 50 years in the industry. “The song list will include the hits from back in the day and the very best from the new album,” he says. “Touring is at the heart of the rock n roll experience and this is a tremendous band to do that with.”

The show will also feature some tracks Brian originally penned for and recorded by other talented artists. Keen to put a different spin on these songs (recorded by The Pointer Sisters, Bonnie Tyler and Joe Cocker). Brian Cadd and The Bootleg Family band have added their own retro rock sound to them for the Bulletproof album and to unleash to audiences on stage.

The Bulletproof recordings were truly destined to finally ‘get the band back together’. Referring to the classic rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap, Brian says audiences will witness ‘rock and roll on 11.’ They can expect the band to be metaphorically putting on the flairs, the high heeled boots and the paisley shirts one more time as they take it all on stage and out to the people. Get ready!

Tickets for Brian’s Melbourne show are on sale now. Brian Cadd and The Bootleg Family Band will be supported by Mike Rudd (Spectrum), featuring Glyn Mason. Further tour dates to be announced soon.

Friday 18th November 2016
The Palms at Crown, MELBOURNE VIC

Brian Cadd & The Bootleg Family Band’s Bulletproof album is released through MGM on Friday 11th November 2016. For more information, please visit