Live It Up with Peter Combe and The Bellyflop in a Pizza band

Special one-off 18+ show announced for Melbourne – tickets on sale now


Adults – get ready to don your newspaper hats, wash your face in orange juice and clean your teeth with bubblegum, iconic children’s entertainer Peter Combe has just announced a special one-off adults-only 18+ Melbourne show. This special Sunday session promises to be jam-packed with hits, sing-a-longs and fun galore! Melbourne music fans are in for a treat.

Celebrating 35 years in the industry, its unsurprising to find that the children who first discovered Peter’s music back when he debuted on the scene in the 1980s are still big fans today. While many have introduced that music to their own children, there is nothing like taking a trip down memory lane and sharing the nostalgia that songs like Wash Your Face With Orange Juice, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Toffee Apple, Juicy Juicy Green Grass and Newspaper Mama evoke with friends!

For Peter, the 18+ shows bring in a mix of mid-late 20s and 30s fans – some with children, some without – all who still remember the fun of his music. Peter’s songs are unquestionably a sing-a-long extravaganza for all ages and his shows are often reviewed as ‘the happiest place on earth’. “It’s amazing to watch them really go for it dancing and singing,” says Peter of the audiences at the 18+ shows. “When I do a song like Juicy Juicy Green Grass or Mr Clicketty Cane, the audience almost roar – the sound is deafening!”

His Melbourne show – which falls in-line with the matinee performances supporting his new album Live It Up ­– will also showcase the material from his joyous new release. His 15th, this is another Peter Combe classic guaranteed to get the adults dancing and singing along from the get-go. Live It Up is a mix of soaring chorus singers, contemporary folk songs, pop ditty’s, call and response ‘echo’ tracks, made up nonsense words, Spike Milligan references and spoken work poetry, and even involves Peter’s family, including his grandchildren who inspired some of the songs and stories. The impressive tracks will have pride of place on the national tour show set lists alongside Peter’s greatest hits from his 35 years of prolific songwriting.

A household name since 1987 when Peter released his first of many albums, Toffee Apple, the prolific entertainer has gone on to make timeless adult friendly songs and educational music set to inform and inspire generations. Peter has won three well-deserved ARIAs for Best Children’s Album, has been awarded seven gold and two platinum CDs and has notched up over a million sales – he is a trailblazer of Australian children’s music and sees no end in sight for his songwriting, recording and touring.

“The great part of touring is performing,” says Peter. “Of all the things I do, the hardest part is writing and creating. Recording is the second hardest thing you do. In a funny kind of way, the great reward you get after writing and recording, mixing and mastering, is finally going on the road and singing. Singing will always be something I love doing. Having written and recorded the album, singing the songs in my concerts is my reward.”

So join the party and take a trip down memory lane with the Paul Simon of children’s songwriting at this special 18+ Melbourne show, together with the fantastic Bellyflop in a Pizza Band! Tickets are on sale now. Peter Combe’s new album Live It Up is out now through MGM.

Sunday 25th June 2017 | 2pm
The Corner Hotel, RICHMOND VIC
57 Swan Street, RICHMOND VIC

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