Music legend’s son to perform at the Melbourne Cup Carnival

DJ / Producer Jackson Hunter set to perform in the iconic Birdcage on Derby Day and Melbourne Cup Day


One of Sydney’s most sought-after DJ / Producers Jackson Hunter will be performing at this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival in the prestigious Birdcage. Having recently returned from the United States and Europe producing alongside his singer-songwriter sister Bella Hunter, who now resides in Los Angeles, Jackson will be entertaining the who’s who of Australian and international celebrities and society in the Birdcage.

Jackson was born into music royalty, being the son of the late, legendary and charismatic singer-songwriter Marc Hunter from Dragon. With a passion for music production and a penchant for house music, Jackson tailors his style of music to every event, party or club in which he is performing, but still says playing April Sun In Cuba and watching the people react is one of his greatest joys.

Having mixed with some of the world’s top DJs, Jackson draws inspiration from a wide variety of music genres. With over ten years of experience in the DJ world, Jackson has regular residencies at some of Sydney’s most glamorous venues including Flamingo’s Bar, Sea Deck, The Island, The Ivy and Bondi’s Bucket List.

Jackson HunterOozing style and charisma reminiscent of his dad, Jackson’s set in the Birdcage this year will be the perfect addition to the glamour, sophistication and decadence that is The Melbourne Cup Carnival. Jackson will be setting the party atmosphere for Australia’s top networking app Bumble, of which the US CEO Whitney Wolfe will also be attending. Whitney recently made the cover of Forbes Magazines’ Top Under 30 Edition. Jackson will have the Birdcage buzzing and make this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival an unforgettable experience.

Jackson performs at two events on the popular Melbourne Cup Carnival calendar. He kicks off at Derby Day on Saturday 3rd November from 11.30am-1.30pm and on Melbourne Cup Day, Tuesday 6th November, from 10.30am-1pm.

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