Magnificent songstress Rachael Leahcar shares an intimate insight into her life with her new tour Colours Of My Life

“Every colour is a story to tell and a song to sing”


Songstress Rachael Leahcar is an open book, and for the first time she is taking her forthright and honest approach to her music out on the road and sharing the ups and downs of her life in a unique stage show, Colours Of My Life. What started as a couple of select performances in her hometown in South Australia in 2015, spawned the idea for a concept show depicting her journey as an musician. Rachael wanted to leave no stone unturned, and give audiences a real look at what it means to be a working artist. To date, Colours Of My Life has been warmly embraced by audiences – both long-time fans of Rachael’s work, and music lovers who are new appreciators. Now, she is ready to take it beyond Adelaide and share her life with audiences around the country.

Rachael Leahcar came into the public consciousness in 2012, finishing in the Top 3 of the first season of The Voice Australia. She captivated the public with her gorgeous vocals, where approximately four-million people watched her television audition. Her debut album Shooting Star achieved Gold status, and her three subsequent releases Romantique, Here Comes The Sun and Shadows, also debuted in the Top 10. Despite living with a degenerative eye condition and losing 90% of her vision – she is considered legally blind – Rachael has been working at her musical dream since she was a child, performing around her home-town of Adelaide and steadily earning acclaim for her incredible talent.

Colours Of My Life showcases this journey, and more. “I wasn’t sure how people would react,” Rachael says of the concept of the show. “I was worried it would come across as conceited when I just wanted to be genuine. No frills, no bells and whistles, just me telling friends in the audience about the good, bad and the ugly. I feel that the world needs to know what it REALLY takes to be a performer, and in particular, how much training and experience it takes to become a professional. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes before, during and after a show like The Voice as well, and there is no success without hard work. I want to share the best and worst of it, so the reality of reality is revealed. I also thought it was important to give insight into what life is like for me living with a disability, so that people will be more understanding and people with a disability will draw inspiration to chase their dreams.”

The show, which incorporates classic melodies such as Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose, and Rachael’s favourite song Somewhere Over The Rainbow, is also illuminated by video and projections to help tell important parts of her story. “I remember my family always having the video camera going when I was little and growing up,” says Rachael. “We thought it was important to capture special moments like birthdays, Christmases and even just being a bit silly. Once I started singing and playing piano, the home videos filled up with performances. I am so lucky we did this because the stories, videos and songs I’ve chosen for the show are all authentic milestones, rewarding or challenging, which have shaped me into who I am today. I chose particular moments because I believe people will take something away from them, whether it’s a life lesson, or just a bit of enjoyment from nostalgia.”

For many performers, letting audiences into such personal memories and experiences in their lives is a daunting process. However, Rachael admits she only knows how to be this raw in her music. “I don’t see the point in hiding myself and I wear my heart on my sleeve, I’ve been this way as long as I can remember,” she says. “Part of being a performer is being able to relate to any story and any song, I feel deeply and strongly, whether its within myself or others. I’ve never been a very good liar, but I’ve always been empathetic. I want the world to know the truth about Rachael because this way, I know that whatever opinion people form of me is real. I also want young performers to see that it takes work to start and continue in the music industry. I hope that people will not only be entertained, but will take away the fact that there is always more to the story than meets the eye.”

Coinciding with her Colours Of My Life tour, Rachael is also gearing up for a new release, her first album in two years, titled Together For Christmas, and excitingly, her first festive record. Featuring six languages, four duets and three different producers, she has worked tirelessly to bring a special spark to this release. “It is all cover songs, a mix of classic carols and modern Christmas hits,” says Rachael. “I LOVE Christmas for everything it represents and when I listen to these songs, I’m hoping they will soon be playing in the background while children open presents, families reunite, and friends give each other good cheer. I have updated the show to include my latest escapades, so yes, the audience will get a first sneak peek! I hope we can all share Christmas together through music this year.”

Tickets for Rachael Leahcar’s tour Colours Of My Life are on sale now. Rachael’s forthcoming album Together For Christmas is due for release on Friday 25th October 2019.

Saturday 5th October 2019 | 7.30pm
The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre [Allan Mullins Room], PENRITH NSW
597 High Street, Penrith NSW
(02) 4723 7600 |

Friday 11th October 2019 | 7.30pm
Metro Arts [Lumen Room], BRISBANE QLD
109 Edward Street, Brisbane QLD
(07) 3002 7100 |

Saturday 12th October 2019 | 7.30pm
Chapel Off Chapel [The Loft], PRAHRAN VIC
12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran VIC
(03) 8290 7000 |

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