Tania Kernaghan epitomises all the good things in life with new single Here’s To It

Here’s To It – Released to radio on Friday 27th September 2019


Once again embracing her unique quality of catchy positivity, country music sweetheart Tania Kernaghan’s new single Here’s To It is all about epitomising the good things in life. Tania’s outlook on life is certainly one of a cup half full, and its hard not to get swept along in that buoyant feeling when listening to the music that she has been writing for her forthcoming album – slated for release mid-2020.

Here’s To It is the follow-up from her recent chart-topper Better Worn In, which debuted a fresh songwriting partnership between Tania, Nick Wolfe of The Wolfe Brothers and her sister Fiona. The new feel-good song is another track written from this exciting partnership, and produced with the help of Nick in his Tasmanian studios. The dynamic between the three is evident in the musical chemistry – there is something about this new music that Tania is creating that is more than a little special. Here’s To It is a summer anthem, a track that will end up as a soundtrack to many a get-together.

The track was penned at a songwriting catch-up one cold autumn morning at Nick’s house in Tasmania. It has a personal back story to Tania and Fiona. Inspired by a toast that their mother – Pam – makes during catch-ups with family and friends, when raising her glass; the song grew from there. “We were sitting around his dining table, huddled around the heater, throwing around some song ideas out there,” says Tania. “When we talked about the toast that mum is renowned for, Nick got very enthusiastic about pursuing that as a lyric. A big chunk of the chorus is how the toast is presented.”

For Tania, it isn’t just about the toast, even though that is a big tradition in her family. It is about something much bigger than that. “We talked about the things that are really important in life – family, good mates, the simple things,” she says. “How sometimes you rush through life and don’t appreciate the little things, this song is celebrating and paying homage to that. When you strip it all back, you realise it is the little things that mean so much, it is about getting out there and having the courage to go for it, whether you have big dreams or little dreams – or it is hanging out with your family on the weekend – just go for it.”

Tania recorded the tracks in Nick’s Launceston studio. “Everything he [Nick] was doing was music to my ears,” she says. “I loved the freshness and the musical ingenuity – the genius that he is, was coming to life with these great lyrics we had written. In its embryotic stages, I could feel it was going to be a hit song.”

The video clip for Here’s To It also embraces that ethos of celebrating the great things in life. Recorded at a friend of Tania’s 40th birthday party at a property in Brisbane, it wasn’t a staged clip. Rather, Tania was part of the celebration and performed the song at the party – so the footage is genuine. It is mates, having a good time, together. “It was just real people, and I think that is the thing that makes country music in Australia so good,” says Tania. “So many people can relate to it, it is real people having a good time!”

The main message Tania hopes music fans take home from the positivity of Here’s To It, is to grab life by the horns. She is also extending her family tradition to other families. “I hope that it will be an extension from our family to everyone out there who are celebrating any occasion,” she says. “I hope they too will take on this saying and heed the advice!”

Tania Kernaghan’s new single Here’s To It is released to radio on Friday 27th September 2019. Check out the video clip for Here’s To It at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djM0m08DRps&feature=youtu.be

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