Social Media

Social media is the way of now, and the future. Making sure you have a great social footprint is as important to your business as having an email address. Let our communications team help you make your social media stand-out. Social media doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming, chat to us about how we can help take the stress out of your online profile.


At HOTP, our focus is on keeping your brand consistent and relevant. We love a great branding challenge, bringing together all the elements to create a strong visible profile and ensuring it is consistent and complementary across all levels. From selecting your profile images, to your social media account names, and syncing the whole lot together, we’ll help you get your brand right.
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At HOTP, we know how important it is having a great Facebook page or group for your business. According to recent statistics more than two billion people around the world actively use Facebook – that’s pretty huge. On a daily basis, there are almost 1.5 billion people logging on to see what is happening around them. You can’t underestimate the importance of Facebook, or the importance of keeping you profile active and relevant. We can help you create a social media plan for Facebook, set-up posts, engage your audience and structure a complementary Facebook advertising campaign.
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At HOTP, we’re a bit partial to an Instagram post – everyone loves a great photo. We are on hand to assist our clients with their Instagram social media plan, deciding when and what to post, helping select images, suggesting concepts and organising direct posts. Instagram is an opportunity for people to get a glimpse into your business, your product and the real you. With more than 500 million active users, it isn’t just us who likes checking out our Instagram feed.
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At HOTP, our social media peeps are guilty of spending their lunch break trawling the twittersphere to see what quirky posts have cropped up on Twitter. With more than 300 million active users posting their micro-blogging thoughts, Twitter is a great opportunity to share your thoughts, and interact with your followers, peers and other businesses / products you admire. We can assist you with pinpointing your demographic, finding relevant talking and conversation points, suggesting interactions and providing you with a Twitter social media plan for your upcoming posts.
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Linkedin Blogs

At HOTP, we know the importance of having a presence on LinkedIn for promoting your (and your company’s) expertise. We can suggest concept ideas for LinkedIn blogs, research information for your pre-approved blog concepts and write the copy for you. With about 500 million LinkedIn users, with about half of those active on a monthly basis, LinkedIn is an important place for businesses to convey their message.
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