What We Do

At HOTP, we tell the media your story. We delve into the background of our clients and their products, finding the best story approach and bringing it to life in a press release. We share this story with our media contacts across print, broadcast and online, and actively talk to individual tastemakers and decisionmakers about our clients, their products and their stories. It is our job to find an outlet for your story so it can be told.

Publicity isn’t about placing advertising, we don’t organise posters or billboards. We share our clients and product’s stories with the media and give them a chance to tell those stories in their own way. Our focus is on achieving editorial, listings, interviews, radio and television appearances, online opportunities and column content. We assist our clients in tailoring their overall branding so that everything that goes out to the marketplace is consistent – whether this be across websites, social media and the branding that is part of your publicity campaign. Our overall aim is to get your message out to the masses.


Publicity is the heart and soul of our company at Hot Off The Press Publicity. Our team have strong backgrounds in print and radio, promotions, journalism and marketing.

Digital Branding

All branding is important when you are trying to convey a consistent message. Our dedicated IT team are on hand to assist with your digital branding.